Screenshots QuoteStocker

Using QuoteStocker is easy. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Main window

In the screenshot below you’ll see all the main functions of QuoteStocker.

You can download the most recent stock quotes or historical quotes over several years. Downloads are organized in download lists. Just select a download list or select an individual fund from a list. Select a download source (Yahoo!, IEX or Alpha Vantage). Hit the green download button and the stock data will be downloaded.

Edit download lists

Editing the download lists is simple. You can add, change or delete a fund. You can also join lists or start a new one. In this way you can organize your downloads. Pop-up tips explain the function of a button.

Change settings

There are just a few settings to be made. Just select the folder where you want to save your downloaded files and the select one of the of the 13 presets for different TA formats. You can also create your own TA format.

Comprehensive help function

QuoteStocker comes with a comprehensive help function. All functions and features are clearly explained.

Interested in QuoteStocker? You can order the software right now. Or download the free trial version first.