Edit download list

Editing of the download list is done using the window below. In case all download lists have been deleted, QuoteStocker will create a short standard download list and the window below is automatically opened. Please do not forget to backup the download lists regularly.

QuoteStocker comes with a large number of download lists. In the upper section of the window, you can select the list that you want to edit. If you want to delete or change an item of a list, you have to select it first.

In the lower section of the window, you find two text fields, ‘Code’ and ‘Name’. You use these for changing an item or adding an item to the selected download list.


The code in the download lists is the code that is used by Yahoo!. QuoteStocker uses this code to retrieve the quotes from the Yahoo!-site. Please be aware to use the correct code so that you download the correct quotes. An example of how to find a new code for your download list is explained here.

There are four functions for managing the download lists: add a complete (existing) list, add, change or delete an item. You can also start a new list

Start a new download list.


Merge an existing list into the current selected download list.


Add a single item to the list. Type a valid code and a name in both text fields. Then click this button to add it to the list. How to find codes is explained here.


Change the code or name of an item in the list. First select an item in the list and then click this button.


Delete an item from the list. Select the item that you want to delete and click this button.


Combine download lists

QuoteStocker comes with a large number of download lists. At the moment there are more than 45 lists

  • AMEX Composite Index
  • Amsterdam
  • BEL-20
  • CAC 40
  • Default list
  • DJ Euro STOXX 50
  • Dow Jones 65 Composite Average
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • FTSE 100
  • FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI
  • Hang Seng Index
  • IEX funds (more than 8600 funds) split into 17 separate lists
  • Madrid IBEX-35
  • Merval Buenos Aires
  • KOSPI Composite
  • Mexico Index
  • NASDAQ-100
  • OMX Copenhagen 20
  • Oslo Exchange All Share
  • S&P-500
  • S&P-ASX 200
  • S&P-TSX Composite index
  • SSE Composite Index
  • Straits Times Index

These are separate download lists because downloading one big list can take some time. If you want to combine two lists into one download list, you can use the ‘Start a new download list’ function, explained above.

First select a download list that you want to expand. By clicking the ‘Start a new download list’ button, a new window opens. In this window you can select a file (download list) that will be added to the download list. After a basic consistency check by QuoteStocker, the contents of the selected file will be merged into the selected download list.

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